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I have been invited to teach talk at the Richmond NLP Group Thursday Feb 25th by Henrietta Laitt if you are NLP trained please contact her 1st if you want to attend here is a copy of the email and event details.Ooh love NLP thankyou xx


Email to Richmond NLP Group

I’ve known Chris Milbank for many years and have a tremendous respect for him. I’m sure he won’t mind me saying that he is a one off, a maverick, totally unique and he’s brilliant at what he does. Chris is a very busy man and travels internationally – a lot (he doesn’t live in the UK). It’s taken me almost 3 years encouragement and persuasion to get him to you!

Constantly thinking ‘out of the box’ and pushing boundaries, he not only talks his talk, he also walks it. And he’s an expert at working with complex issues, having a huge degree of flexibility and ability to adapt his practice ‘in the moment’ As a pioneer in his field, he has taken his initial NLP knowledge, amongst other things, and is regularly creating, developing and refining new practices and protocols for enhancing and simplifying his work and therefore client results.

This is a unique opportunity to experience how he works. It’s be a fun, energising and interactive session. Rather than a formal ‘blurb’, here’s what you’ll be getting, in Chris’s own words, This will give you a sense of what you can expect (and prepare to expect the unexpected as well!) on the night. It’s a bit longer than usual, but well worth the read………

Chris Milbank

Thursday 25th February 2016

Beliefs and differing ways of addressing them – and Introduction to Reflective Repatterning Laws of Opposites

‘Hi, I am Chris Milbank. I have been involved in the areas of psychology and energy psychology for many years. I had a massive spiritual change when I spent time understanding the spirit of NLP. I worked with it loads, and then began to adapt it to my meridian based energetic work.

When I guided people to shift submodalities in their beliefs, I would see energetic changes, and when I had people aware of their mind body program re their belief or emotional conflict, and just treated the electrical pathways or reflex points and other energy areas, the submodalities would change for themselves, in very often a better way than either the client or I could choose. It really meant that deep unconscious shifts were happening.

At the time I was traveling all around the world teaching the most Advanced levels of Thought Field Therapy and treating with Voice Technology, a way of muscle testing and diagnosing which points to be used whilst working and doing treatments over the phone. The two magically blended together.

As I went on to discover Reflective Repatterning and develop it, I created several ways of taking the mind and body map of a belief and the opposite of that belief, and treating both to create more neutrality. Neutrality in the sense of personal freedom, flexibility and choice. Neutrality is like a flow of feeling good and the ability to choose, in the moment, one thing or the other, depending on what is best for that person.

To give you an example, a NLP student in practice decided to let someone make changes re her religion (not a good move) as she was happy with her religion, but they both chose to do this through their inexperience. Some twenty years later she had RR. Her God experience was shattered so you can imagine the mind body map here. We used RR as a treatment making some gentle balances, until she was wanting to ponder on what would serve her best. A week later she said “My childhood understanding of religion is different to my spiritual adult understanding, and am not sure which is best”. I replied “Lets balance both these opposites”. As we did, the thousands of shattered pieces came together and blended an adult religious spiritual understanding that meant loads to her. She was free to pick and choose what felt right for her.

During this two hour talk, I will give chance for you to use RR with an energetic hold and also a magnet. The hold works with all 14 meridians at once and the magnet will be used very deeply on one master meridian, both to great affect. RR was designed to treat beliefs with respect by working in opposites, the person makes better choices to decide what is best for them with little interference from the practitioners limited view or mirror of themselves.

We will have fun with stories metaphors demonstration explanation and practice.’

Whilst these concepts may initially seem a bit weird, remember that people once thought that the world was flat….and Chris can give you academic and anecdotal evidence as to how and why this stuff works. Do join us.

Please ping back an email to let me know you’re coming. All welcome, so please feel free to pass this on.

See you there

Warm wishes


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Christopher Milbank <>
To Henrietta Laitt
Feb 11 at 5:57 PM
Thankyou so much you made that email so exciting I want to listen to the talk myself lol, great so excited, sorry has it really been three years. Alexia Leachman RR Advanced Prac /Teacher, once said of me, “your like a balloon that drifts in and out of anyway, going as you please and I am your rudder who gives you direction” , lol she sure did

than kyou for this opportunity
hugs chris xxx

chris Milbank…/reflective-repatterning-ch…/…/reflective-repatterning-pr…/

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Longer Deeper Calmer Sleep chris Milbank

Longer Deeper Calmer Sleep chris Milbank


Me me me lol

There can be many reasons for poor sleep, including stress and anxiety, fears, poor nutrition body toxicity, and even being over tired. When the body heals the most is during deep sleep, and healing takes a lot of energy, so if body energy is low then you will sleep poorly. Sometimes a high energy snack before bed can make a difference here.
A great place to start is magnesium citrate as an oral magnesium. You see when we are emotional stressed or anxious we deplete huge reserves of this calming mineral, but so does junk food, and alcohol depletes it so quick our magnesium levels get real low, and almost all pharmaceutical drugs tested deplete magnesium levels in the body. So even if your original insomnia c auses were not magnesium related they may well be worsened by this vicious cycle.
Magnesium is an essential mineral, but is also so widely used in the body creating and helping three or four hundred enzyme processes in the body , being key to hormanl and neuro chemistry yup that means our feel good natural chemicals our brains and emotional self rely on. Magnesium is also key to the heart, those that die of heart attacks have been found to have severe deficits of magnesium.
Magnesium as in say Solgar Magnesium Citrate as an adult one with morning meal and two with evening meal or as directed will often kick in on the first day to help with your next sleep but if not after a few days in most cases. Lamberts have a highly absorbable magnesium called Mag Absorb which is perhaps even better. Magnesium will end in many cases restless leg syndrome or sometimes that is a potassium problem which a naturopathic Dr can test you for. Magnesium will reduce overall anxiety and stress levels and most often help with depression too.
You can make your own magnesium oil, by buying magnesium chloride adding 5 tablespoons to clean bottled or filtered water in a one litre glass jar with a cork, shake it up and then rub it in all over, and this will absorb very quickly through the body and soothe aching muscles too. This can be done daily.
Alternatively get either magnesium chloride granules or magnesium sulphate granules known as Epsom Salts and add three cups to a hot bath and soak in for an hour, this will also help give you a good night sleep.
Food intolerances cause inflammation in the body, so avoiding what you know is not good for you helps, if not you can internet search a Vega tester who will test you hopefully locally.
A way of self testing for food intolerances is to be seated for ten minutes and then take your pulse for a minute, or for 15 seconds and times the result by four to make a minute. Then stay seated, and if not allergic, eat or smell or taste a suspect food, then if you repeat the same pulse test and get a pulse increase of ten or more, likely that food you are in tolerant to, and possibly suffering with more in tolerances.
Inflamation in the brain is found to be in those that are depressed and anxious so natural anti inflamatories are a real good idea, do not mix these though if you are taking the medical pharmaceutical crap as anti inflammatories so check with Dr if your on Pharmaceutical medications. Anyway natural anti inflammatories are BlockBusters serepeptase, Lamberts Turmeric high potency, a full range of omega oils so great for the brain functioning, and about 6 grams or 6000mg of vitamin c daily. There is a great product called Brain Link from with plenty of am ino acids that m ake you feel great in minutes but you must check with a Dr if these interfere with any anti depressants and other medications, so always check first. There are man y other brilliant natural products like taurine gabba glutamine that produces calming gabba, 5htp which increases seratonin but many of these may be dangerous if on Drug Medications.
We have lives with work and deadlines and kids and school and washing work, etc all stressful so we must be aware of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol known as stress hormones, whilst these are essential for life and survival, we do over pump these around our body, so a daily walk of at least say 20 minutes where we are slightly out of breath or similar exercise will rid the body of these excesses, this will help you all relax and chill out.
Now if your mind is racing with thoughts you may try one or all of these quick techniques.
1 Take index finger of either hand and place on the forehead where the nose meets, place thumb of same hand on your right eyebrow at the inner end ie nose end. Close your eyes and make your thoughts race even faster, think about all that is wrong now hold this position until your mind and feelings begin to calm down. This can take from 5 mi utes even less to about 20 minutes.
2 Take thumb and ring finger and hold top of bridge of nose, then middle finger place in middle of forehead, and opposite han d horizontally across lower back of head. Whilst in this position close your eyes and say only inside your head “I can’t sleep” then “I can sleep” each one about 30 to 50 times, many start drifting off in this powerful energetic hold.
3 Take this brushing movement from Havening, take your palms and alternate from brushing with both palms forehead and face about 30 times, then cross over your arms brush only downward down the back of the arms from shoulders to elbow only, and next place is rest one hand palm up in your lap and slowly brush one palm over the other saying I can ‘t sleep for at least 30 b rushes in each position and then again for each position saying I can sleep now. These brushing moves help mimic delta b rain waves designed for deep sleep and healing, this wil calm the nervous system down usually within 20 minutes.
If the three techniques are not calming your mind you can always contact chris Milbank who may suggest some emotional treatments that he can address over skype or suggest another way to use those techniques described above (everybody is unique).
4 The Straw Technique , breathe in if possible through nose, now breathe out about one third of the air out slowly through nose, and last two thirds very slowly making a sshing sound (very important) as if through a straw, you can even use a straw if you have one. Once all the air is exhaled, let in your breath it may begin to feel more automatic, Breathe normally for three breaths then repeat again, keep doing this with eyes closed and your whole nervous system and mind will calm right down. I have awoken man y time the next morning having done this technique.
Thyroid can play a part and a Naturopathic Dr can do very good tests and check for real functioning sometimes patients are short in iodine which is so needed by the thyroid, some people do well on zinc because they don’t absorb it through their food too well, and supplementation of that can be helpful as well as having the digestion and elimination channels tested too. If you have a toxic body you will have an acidic body which also entails a low oxygen threshold at cellular level and a lowered electron flow which aids healing and rest and all systems in the body. There are many detoxes that can be done again a good Dr of Naturopathy can diagnose what you as individual best needs.
Being hydrated is of course crucial and every system is needing this.
House mites and dust can add to inflamation issues, but also be aware to throw out artificial air freshners in the house they play havoc on our systems and really affect peoples behaviours as well as some perfumes etc.
Fluoride in water will coat the pineal gland in the brain and this may disturb sleep patterns and endocrine ie hormonal patterns to.
Eating about three hours before bedtime, will mean digestion is almost over and sleep time can kick in .
Feel free to use the contact form on this website, and I will get back to you when i can.
Remember there will be a cause to your sleep disturbance and so in the vast majority of cases I think this blog will help but do remember a good Doctor of Naturopathy has training in many areas that a Pharmaceutical medical doctor does not like nutrition.

Villain Hero and Victim How Not To Be All Three chris Milbank


chris milbank   The hero jumps into save the young lad having all his wages taken away by his greedy boss, the victim the young lad is so grateful to the hero citing his Villain boss as evil and nasty, the villain then tells the hero the young lad owed him twice as much money and that he was wrong to intervene, the hero feels upset and is now the victim, who now blames the young lad for inciting dishonesty and the young lad becomes the real villain, whilst the once villain boss, comforts the hero who has now become the victim in all this. Does this sound familiar when we jump into help or we are a victim or a villain and there is blame involved, we will jump from each of these positions, until we can step off and create some neutrality.

The three points on this triangle make a very stable structure each point travels round becoming the next point, until you step out of the triangle you will inevitably keep going from victim to hero to villain and round and round, until you can take a perfectly neutral stance.

Before I take you down the path of how and whilst your curiosity is building and you are matching this to the relevance in work,families, relationships and so forth, I will talk about each of the three points.

Heroes have often been a victim themselves in their lives, been hurt or poor taken advantage of and what they feel internally they want to put right externally. Heroes will find victims, it helps them to feel good helping those that may have suffered as they did.

However Heroes need victims too, if there isn’t always one about they will find one or may even unconsciously make a situation a bit worse to rescue one, remember they are fixing their internal feelings and bad experiences to feel less bad and also feel good. Heroes also need villains and so sometimes makes out that someone is more of a villain than what they really are, they can be considered goody goody two shoes too , as well as being some peoples idol.

Victims can be very genuine of course at times, but consider this they can be really manipulative, like be with me I don’t want to be alone, be my friend and not like  x y or z and I will be your friend forever, yes lets go out but don’t tell your other friends I don’t want to see them or go to that restraunt bar theater etc because they make me feel bad. Victims will make you feel guilty or ashamed of your own choices to help get the sympathy and love they feel they need. They can wrap a hero around their little finger calling on them time and time again, they will become more and more reliant on being saved, they will create villains just to get the attention. Of course though when we have been a genuine victim we hate the actions that put us there and perhaps sav e others from the same mistakes, e can toughen up learn to look after ourselves and even become a hero.

Now Villains get all the bad press, yes there can be some very nasty actions and behaviours by some out there, but consider these points, givers attract takers, some people take and take and take, because some people like to give and give and give, but when they have nothing else to give they blame the takers and call them villains. Without a hundred villains we wouldn’t have probably a thousand heroes, one bad person may commit a hundred crimes and turn 100 people into heroes and protectors. Villains teach people how to toughen up they can take people through a threshold where they will take no more shit. A villain is often perceived wrong because a victim manipulates and makes out someone is worse than what they are, so it’s in the interest of a victim but also a hero to have a villain even when they never existed, it’s part of the blame game. Having had a few try to bully me at school I learned off them to react instantaneously and the weakest bullies fell, the strongest ones didn’t bother me they admired me for hitting back, thank christ for small villains they prepared me for the big ones.

An incident where a man I guess on cocaine and alcohol built like Terminator thought I was eyeing his wife up, (I was looking at the bread shelf in the supermarket behind them) he thought he was being hero and saving his victim wife at being oogled, so he ran at me to knock me over, I shouted out in a victims high pitch voice that I was gang raped at 13 and castrated, he stopped in his tracks I had shocked him broke his state and he had found another victim, his wife became a hero too, I said I could never look at a woman because of my castration they were shocked and off they went, we broke the triangle with a massive shock that the triangle three points broke in to into two there were now two victims, I stepped back with neutrality bowed waved good bye and said thank you. Of course this never happened to me, and this is a risky way of breaking the triangle, a certain amount of skill timing intuition people handling and dramatics were needed.

So how do you step off the triangle, the answer is simple the practice takes practice and sometimes emotional treatment with Reflective Repatterning known as RR.

So two people are squabbling blaming each other no respond ability the ability to respond responsibly, they both feel like they are the victim you are in the middle and all the logical answers do not balance an emotional argument.

You say to each victim/ villain, “you cannot flick a switch on the other person to change their thinking or behaviour, they have heard your points and emotionally they are upset , so the only power you have is over yourself, so now no if’s or buts you have to do whatever is right for you, whatever you feel is right, they may or may not like that and then they will have to do what is right for them”.

Now they will add if’s and buts in, you do not get drawn in, you do not give your opinion at this point, just keep saying “do what is right for you” and tell them you will say the same to them, because all has already been exhausted, the logic said the emotion expressed etc.

What happens is that immediately you are not drawn in, the triangle that stable structure begins to collapse. You are more neutral, you may need a bit of RR to prevent yourself from stepping back on the triangle, if you step on it escalates stay off it will collapse, unless they both choose a new hero, but if so it has collapsed for you. I have seen so many triangles collapse by either villain, victim or hero stepping off, they may even listen to you and do what is best for them and they will feel better and that is another happier person. Remember man y try to please others doing the blimming hero bit bt do the wrong thing. Remember each of these three has a good and a bad point in them, but lets not underestimate how a hero and a victim can be manipulative and worsen a situation it’s not always the so called villain. Anyway some of those Hollywood films have great villains and they can be a lot of fun. woooohahahahha okay time for a cuppa.

Please feel free to use the contact page on this website to write to me at anytime, check your spam boxes i do reply.

best wishes chris Milbank

Fears and Their Opposites chris Milbank Talk

Free Yourself from Fears and LEARN HOW to have them stop from running your life.

Fears are of course a great thing, I applaud every time my fears surface of walking to near the edge of a cliff, being rude to a violent person, feeling fearful and negative about investing my savings with a fraudster and or marrying a serial killer. Fears and negative thoughts and emotions save us everyday, from terrible mistakes and life threatening situations for ourselves and loved ones.
Fear is a survival mechanism, yet the way our nervous system uses them and stores them, can in today’s high tech busy stressful world be way too in tense, they build and begin to act negatively against us. Our fears can generalise from protecting us against a fraudster to not trusting anyone, or having to protect us from making us feel bad about heights to not being able to climb a ladder use a lift or elevator or cross a bridge. Fears are particuarly good in our early years we have the fear of falling and loud noises that many mammals have, yet as we grow older and we k now the bang of thunder is okay when we are in our secure homes, we shouldn’t have to tremble, we should fear stepping out in front of a car, but not crossing an empty road etc.
Fears can be positive and negative, but so can positive feelings of confidence, great to be confident in public speaking and have no fear, but fear can be a driver for us to learn competence, I want the pilot of my aeroplane to be competent at flying even more so than con fident, a false confidence with a stranger can lead to nasty con sequences, I don’t want to be so confident that I lose my awareness. Sometimes it’s good to be able to have the freedom choice and flexibility, to jump from one opposite to the other, experience fear as a warning, but logically accept it’s message and then feel confident in your understanding, and of course vice versa.
Reflective Repatterning (known as RR) uses a special energetic hold that works all fourteen meridian energy lines that carry good and negative emotional energy, when we clean this energy of any emotion whether fear or guilt or any conflict with it’s opposite we create a neutrality, a free flow to be one thing or the other that we choose. RR also teaches us reasons why the bad and negative things can be good, and the good positive things can be bad, this grows the flexibility of the brain, better enabling it to adapt .
So how do fears affect us, well lets say a base of any negative emotion is fear, we fear we may have done someone wrong so we feel guilty or ashamed, we fear we will make a fall of ourselves and get anxious or embarrassed, we fear not being able to move on and feel trapped etc, when people get angry it’s a response to a fear sometimes of being rejected not listened too misunderstood , being left out etc.
Addressing Opposites is crucial for real in depth healing. An example would be someone feels fear that they have harmed som one, they feel guilty and ashamed, yes these are all emotions that can be treated within the meridian system, yet they will resurface at some point until you can also treat the huge resistance to loving the bad things you have done, where you treat shame treat the pride in what you have done, this is so very often a bigger emotional issue you are holding onto than feeling bad about a bad thing, yes you need to feel good about it too. We then also need to find what the right thing would have been or is, ie rather than harming someone supporting someone, well we need to treat the excess need to support someone and the resistance to hating supporting someone. After all give too m uch support you will wear yourself out and people will become dependent on you and not able to be responsible for themselves let alone others. Treating the resistance to harming is so important too, sometimes to protect loved ones family children we may have to harm an attacker, some people will not fight back they have a fear of harming which is strengthend by their love of supporting caring or nurturing.
When we balance our fears as good and bad with the areas in our life we love or are most confident or excited about, we allow for more logic to come through, we can have more choice, we needn’t be overly kind and nice or overly stressy and agressive we can be somewhere in between or jump into either opposite depending whats needed.
RR gives us that choice that freedom that flexibility where we have been fearful and trapped in our lives.
So what will this work with, just about any issue, belief, value and moral sets, anxiety depression stress, fears phobias traumas and more.
Let us look at traumas, if somebody loves safety and security as their most favourite values, then a car accident will be more traumatic than for a person that loves danger and adventure.What we love drives what we hate, when we love safety we will avoid danger, when we love freedom we will hate being trapped, when we hate dishonesty we will love honesty, if we hate disloyalty we will love loyalty. These opposites are all like magnets with north and south poles. If the north pole is the love of freedom it will attrac t the south pole the hatred of being trapped, and yes you will attract the things you emotionally don’t want in your life. When we clear what we fear versus what brings us confidence, when we clear what we excessively love that makes us hate and we treat what we excessively hate, our world comes in to balance, and this balance this feel good neutrality is like a flow, when everything is just flowing and feeling real good.
Many people get treated for depression but may not be treated for the resistnace to joy or happiness, yet it’s obvious when we look at it when someone says I have nothing to feel joyful or happy about, because so manythings are wrong in my life, husband has left me, lost my job, my pet parrot says it hates me etc, the resistance to the good thing empowers the hatred of the bad thing and vice versa.
Reflective Repatterning RR works at a minimum eighteen times the effectiveness of other mind emotional treatments, by working in depth with The RR Laws of Opposites.
Please contact us through the contact page
best wishes
chris Milbank

Fridge Magnet Therapy Weekend


World-Class Transformational Training and Resources

Telephone: UK 0208 123 9736 / US 310 598 2414

Fridge Magnet Therapy with Chris Milbank

chris millbankSolar Events welcomes you to a weekend of transformation with Chris Milbank, the creator of Fridge Magnet Therapy and Reflective Repatterning.

Fridge Magnet Therapy has been inspired by the Emotion Code and Body Code developed by Bradley Nelson, but has been greatly enhanced by Chris to allow for more adaptation and creative additions to be used, and helps to release emotions and traumas held in the body.

Chris is a very knowledgeable and dedicated therapist, and infuses his teachings with wonderful energy and enthusiasm, so this weekend promises to be a lot of fun and is designed for both practicing therapists and anyone wanted to learn healing techniques for themselves or their loved ones.

What Will You Learn Over The Weekend

  • Learn how magnets break down the electrical aspect of emotion
  • How to use magnets to calmly and quickly lessen and treat anxiety, fear, and traumatic experiences.
  • How to use a powerful Rreflective Repatterning framework designed to be used with magnets to create neutrality and neutralise limiting beliefs about self and or others
  • Understand the role of ancestral traumas and emotions and past life issues and how they can affect our behaviors and health. You will use simple diagnostic testing so we can  break down the electrical fields of these causes that are affecting our DNA. The science of epigentics considers that many genetic disorders can be related to these past  and ancestral traumas causing problems in our DNA. Quite often in this work we will uncover spiritual energies that may need to be enhanced or cleared, and the  magnet is a perfect tool for this.
  • We will explore which emotions affect which organs and glands the most, so we can begin to clear them and so enhance your health and quality of life
  • We will explore the emotional heart wall, which is a wall of emotional energy built up from past relationships and childhood issues that cause us some emotional pain and is used by the heart to protect us from  making the same mistakes again. It often over protects and prevents us from socialising and making good loving unconditional relationships. Some heart walls can be measured in miles and others in feet, they may also be made up of ancestral issues and past lives too. Learning how to diagnose and treat these can make a major impact on our lives.
  • The magnets can be used on self , or on somebody else and even remotely to clear anybody (even via a photograph.)

Some Words from Chris About Fridge Magnet Therapy

A magnet has a magnetic force which is the opposite of an electrical field. An emotion is an electrical field. When we tune in to an emotion and swipe a magnet over key energy points in the body, we can break up the energy field of the emotion and thus release it. We can also strengthen a positive emotion by pulling out any resistance to it.”

Chris will introduce you to the concept of self muscle testing, and how to dowse with a pendulum to check and diagnose your – and your clients’ – issues and emotions, to enable you to discover the most stressing issues and which order to treat them in.

He will show you how to diagnose which traumas are stressing which parts of your body and when the traumas occurred (whether in this lifetime or a past life), and treat them with a magnet.

You will learn how our ancestors’ traumas, fears, emotions, phobias and diseases may have been passed down through our DNA and be currently affecting our physical bodies and energy fields – and how using magnets on key energy points can clear these, as well as balance chakras, meridians and organ glands.

Chris will also bring a range of his gadgets and equipment which help to reprogramme brain waves and states, which you will have the opportunity to try. 

It will be a very interactive weekend.

We hope to see you there!

About Chris Milbank

Chris Milbank speaking picThe developer and trainer of this therapy course is Chris Milbank. Highly respected the world over, Chris possesses a wealth of experience as both a trainer and a practitioner, and is the creator of Reflective Repatterning. Fridge Magnet Therapy is very compatible with Chris’ Reflective Repatterning work, and he has developed it to enable people to pinpoint issues more quickly.

His desire to help others led him to seek the best training that he could find. Having studied under the best leaders and innovators, Chris has studied some of the most advanced techniques in the field of human change.

For years now, Chris has been on the cutting edge. In light of his many experiences and studies, he believes wholeheartedly that his modalities can achieve what no other therapy can. He devotes much of his time to learning and developing his skills as well as exploring and developing new practices and techniques. Chris also has had a wealth of other experiences – he has traveled the world, owned Therapy Colleges, and taken part in charity missions.

A truly down to earth person, Chris brings his skill and knowledge, as well as his sense of humour and genuine care for the well-being of people, to this course. The evening will be an exploration into a new type of therapy with far-reaching consequences for you and your clients.

 What Other People Have Said About Training with Chris

Your approach and style are unique, innovative and highly effective. Your ability to calibrate and develop your class individually and collectively produces a mutually supportive learning environment and as a result your students are rapidly empowered and learn and develop at their optimum rate. The catalysts are your humour, natural affection for your fellow humans, and your absolute congruity. You walk the walk.Mark Chambers

Very practical enjoyable course. Chris is an enthusiastic presenter who shares his experience and knowledge in an easy to understand and applicable wayHenrietta Lait

Really enjoyed the course. Lots of fun – good simple explanations. Very generous with his time and energy. Thought provoking. I am not a therapist or Councillor but really enjoyed the weekend. Would consider attending others in the future
Mary Donnelly

It is clear to see that Chris’s own success and well being comes from his own journey of learning, working on himself and over coming his own difficulties. For this reason I am inspired by, trust and respect him.

I have no hesitation in recommending the work and trainings of Chris Milbank, meeting and learning from him has been a great gift in my life.Lisa Young

I’ve had sessions from Chris and have found them to be amazing. After a week or so some unexpected events take place which just surprise you. I’ve done a lot of work on myself, family members and clients – the results are great! I recommend everyone who’s interested even the slightest bit to go for it. Chris is great at what he doesRavi Verdi

Chris presentation was excellent and motivating. He demonstrates a wide knowledge and dedication to improving peoples livesRoy Gough


We are expecting this workshop to be fully booked up in advance, so if you would like to be there please make sure you reserve your seat right away.

To book your place, please click the ‘Book Now’ button below.

If you have any questions, please contact at or 0208 123 9736.

Fridge Magnet Therapy Workshop

Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of February 2016

Registration from 9.30am. Event will run from 10am – 5pm on both days


Kingsway Hall Hotel

66 Great Queen St

London WC2B 5BX

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Fridge Magnet Therapy Weekend Workshop – 1 Ticket
£297 + VAT
Fridge Magnet Therapy Workshop

Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of February 2016

Registration from 9.30am. Event will run from 10am – 5pm on both days


Kingsway Hall Hotel

66 Great Queen St

London WC2B 5BX

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Fridge Magnet Therapy Weekend Workshop – 1 Ticket
£297 + VAT